Putting equal pay in everyone’s hands

Gender pay equity is about ensuring women and men doing work of equal or comparable value at the same performance standard are paid the same amount. Sounds fair, right?

We know employers don’t set out to pay women less, however gender bias can creep into performance, talent development and pay decisions to create instances where women are paid less than men for doing the same job.

That’s why the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, in partnership with a growing number of CEO Pay Equity Ambassadors and official supporters, are campaigning to encourage all CEOs to get equal pay in hand. The good news? It’s as simple as analysing and monitoring payroll data and taking action to address any unexplainable or unjustifiable gaps. Check out the WGEA’s free tools and resources to get started. We have released a report card that shows the number of organisations taking action on pay equity. Download the 2015 pay equity report card to find out more!

While addressing potential pay gaps within an organisation┬áneeds to be owned and led by CEOs, there’s lots of things employees can do to help negotiate salary and manage career potential. We’ve got stacks of great webinars and videos to give you inspiration and information.

Equal pay is in your hands.

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