About the Campaign

About the campaign

Pay equity has traditionally been an unspoken topic among Australian employers, despite many organisations doing great work to address gender bias and ensure women and men doing the same job or work of comparable value are paid equally. We know employers don’t set out to pay women less. But we also know, because employers tell us, that unless you regularly conduct a gender pay gap analysis, you can’t be sure there aren’t instances of women being unfairly paid less than men. This risk is higher when employers rely on market rates to set salaries but can still exist when salaries are set by awards and enterprise agreements.

In September 2014, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency in partnership with our growing number of CEO Pay Equity Ambassadors and official supporters, set out to lift the lid on pay equity, and inspire and support employers to get equal pay in hand.

Since then, we’ve been working with our Pay Equity Ambassadors to hold roundtables with their peers about the causes of and solutions to pay inequality. Plus we’ve spoken at events across Australia about pay equity and have expanded our suite of resources to help women negotiate a better salary and manage their career potential. With close to 4,500 downloads of our free tools and resources, we’re confident we’re having an impact.

But there’s much more work to do and so we will continue to grow our Ambassador community and continue reaching out to employers in our bid to ensure equal pay is in hand in every Australian workplace.

Equal pay is in your hands.

“As part of our commitment to fair business dealings and corporate sustainability, we encourage our employees to look into how we approach pay equity. This is an ongoing commitment and Law In Order is dedicated to continuing the fight against gender bias in the workplace.”
Julian McGrath, Managing Director, Law In Order
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